18-Jun-2018Providence, RI(18 miles)Items Wanted
looking for used or new fitness equipment--- weights, rowing machines, kettlebells, barbells, benches, racks, plates-- literally anything and everything! will pick up. Thank you!
18-Jun-2018Wakefield, RI(8 miles)Items Wanted
would like: 1 or 2 wooden pallets or 4 short cinder blocks that wood could go over (need to store items off floor)
18-Jun-2018Wakefield, RI(8 miles)Items Wanted
I am selling my heavy duty kitchen table, chairs, and bench, because it's too large for my space, and my family is shrinking. I'd like to find a table and four chairs better suited to my space, in good condition, and would consider a bistro table. I don't want to sell mine until I have something to replace it.
18-Jun-2018Wakefield, RI(8 miles)Items Wanted
Need 2 12-foot sections of steel tubing. Thank you.
18-Jun-2018Providence, RI(18 miles)Items Wanted
Hi, I'm looking for old drums, guitars, amps, microphones, recording equipment, etc. Please let me know what you have and where you are. Pictures would be appreciated. Thanks!
18-Jun-2018Providence, RI(18 miles)Items Wanted
Barrington Farm School is currently without irrigation or water. We need a shallow well pump while to get up and running with our education program and planting.
18-Jun-2018Providence, RI(18 miles)Items Wanted
If anyone happens to have a nintendo dsi you no longer use I'd be glad to take it. If it has minor issues let me know what you believe is wrong with it so I know if I should repair it or use it for parts for my dsi broken dsi. If it's it's fully working that would be great! Thanks
17-Jun-2018Providence, RI(18 miles)Items Wanted
hello-- i am looking for a milk crate for the back of my bike. please message, thanks!
17-Jun-2018Newport, RI(11 miles)Items Wanted
Hello there! my son who is special needs recently found his old DS game system, the one that plays both DS games as well as the Gameboy advance games, he was very happy to find it after all these years, and even happier that it still works, so he is in need of some games to play on it, i think he got rid of all of them when he switched to the PS game system years ago. Thanks in advance to anyon...
17-Jun-2018Cranston, RI(15 miles)Items Wanted
In need of a hand vacuum to clean my car if anyone has an unwanted one laying around.. thank you :)
17-Jun-2018Newport, RI(11 miles)Items Wanted
a friend of mine wants to become self-sustaining while she's unemployed and put her time to good use to be able to provide fresh vegetables for her family and freeze her harvest to use once winter comes somebody is letting her use their land but it must be cleared of overgrowth so she could use any of the following equipment a running tractor a working backhoe goats (for clearing the brush) fen...
17-Jun-2018Providence, RI(18 miles)Items Wanted
I am looking for tiny plastic animals (fish, animals, mammals, dinosaurs, dragons, etc.) for a project. The more, the better. The tinier, the better. Thank you.
16-Jun-2018Newport, RI(11 miles)Items Wanted
Amputee needs replacement to broken wheelchair. Width must be approximately 26" for 250 lb. woman. Lightweight for use in home.
16-Jun-2018Providence, RI(18 miles)Items Wanted
Our pool Vacuum just doesn't work and our pool needs a cleaning. If you have an Automatic Pool vacuum you no longer use, we could sure use it. THANK YOU
15-Jun-2018Cranston, RI(15 miles)Items Wanted
I'm looking for a 3-5 strings of patio lights. Anyone got anything like this?
14-Jun-2018Providence, RI(18 miles)Items Wanted
Old wooden ladder that can no longer be used as a ladder to be used as a plant stand. I'm going to put wooden boards front to back for shelves. :)
13-Jun-2018Newport, RI(11 miles)Items Wanted
Barrington Farm School is currently without irrigation or water. We need a shallow well pump to borrow for a few months while we get up and running with our education program and planting.
13-Jun-2018Providence, RI(18 miles)Items Wanted
Desperately need some blackout curtains.
Need a bike rack for a hatchback (Ford Escape 2014)
12-Jun-2018Newport, RI(11 miles)Items Wanted
My dear freecycle friends! A lovely lady named Gayle in Newport is offering me a complete futon! Just what I need for downstairs sleeping that I've been seeking here on freecycle, but she's older and can't bring here, I'm the disabled lady with no car, nobody. She says it comes apart. Is there some lively person, ppl, that could plz contact her and get it to me in Middletown? If u email me I ca...
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